| 15.Dec.2011 |

We successfully launched Sapport, a customised expert finder system for SAP Community Network Forums.

| 20.Aug.2010 |

We successfully launched a new product called Tadvise which is a novel Twitter assistant for effectively propagating community-related tweets.

| 12.Feb.2010 |

We successfully presented the Conterprise products to Storm Technology company, an Irish provider of software solutions (based on Microsoft platform) for businesses.

| 11.Dec.2009 |

Conterprise products were presented at DERI Friday Talk, an event with participation of approximately 100 (senior) researchers, business people and entrepreneurs. The talk was nominated as one of the most influential talks in such events.

| 08.Oct.2009 |

Some of the Conterprise products were successfully presented at the 10th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE), a top and A-class venue.

| 01.Jul.2009 |

Some of the Conterprise products were successfully presented to HeyStaks team. HeyStaks is the first spin-out of the CLARITY research centre, combining researchers from UCD, DCU and the Tyndal National Institute.

| 17.Jun.2009 |

One of the Conterprise techniques has been activated in the BSCW shared workspace for the European CWE projects.



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